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27 February 2009 @ 05:42 pm
Wow this is the best band in the world.  I like how they have such a complicated chord progression and harmony structure.  They totally thrash man.  They rip it up.  They totally KICK ASS \m/\m/

Man I was once brainwashed by Christianity when I was a kid.  I loved how it made me feel powerful, because I could mock the sinners who were acting on their hormones and getting drunk and feel superior to them.  But then I started asking questions of God.  And I got no answers.  And then slowly the PAIN began.  It hurt so bad to realize that I wasn't special, I was just long haired lotto playing trash who had no outlet to feel superior over other people and I was going to rot in pieces when I died.

But then I found Pain of Salvation and then I realized that I was so powerful inside.  I was like, SOMEONE finally gets my burning rage about the LIES and LIES I was told by Jesus and the liberals. Oh WOW. 
28 April 2007 @ 10:18 pm
Johan L has left P of S.

Details soon
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02 March 2007 @ 07:24 pm
The band filmed a DVD for the this evening in Amsterdam. Here's the setlist:

Handfull of Nothing
New Year's Eve
Undertow (new arangement, more piano)
This Heart of Mine/Song for the Innocent/Her Voices (T5 version)
Diffidentia (different tuning and no orchestra)
Flame to the Moth
Disco Queen



aprox. 2 hours

It was indeed a DVD-shoot. Daniel sounded beter than ever (or the three previous times I've seen them). Crowd seemed to be realy into it. Some songs had a heavier sound than on the albums. The new bassplayer seemed to be enjoying himself.

I would have liked IN THE FLESH, THE PERFECT ELEMENT, A TRACE OF BLOOD, or BEYOND THE PALE..but it's not a bad set and the fact they covered the Leonard Cohen (and Jeff Buckley classic) HALLELUJAH is pretty sweet.
15 February 2007 @ 09:46 am
So my friend and I made a deal.. since I got Scarsick before he did, he'd trade me his copy of One Hour by the Concrete Lake for it... and my question is this:

Why does it seem like One Hour is one of the less celebrated/praised/talked about PoS albums? I think it's simply awesome. The production quailty isn't as good as post-2000 albums, but it's just as good or better than Entropia, and the composition is so good.

Handful of Nothing followed by Water followed by Home is such an amazing sequence of tracks.
13 February 2007 @ 10:45 am
I'm going to attempt picking this apart as much as possible.. because Daniel says there are surprises in the artwork.. and I'm hoping there is something significant that really opens our eyes and changes our initial feelings on the new album.

Forgive me for starting another Octavarium-esque picking apart of the little nuances of the album...

-The first page shows 'him' falling (remember that beautiful guitar?)... is he on fire?
-The introduction page shows him lying (lifeless?) on the floor, tv on in the background. Later on, the boy is shown watching this television.
-The page with "America" shows the boy looking into the distance.. he is also doing a traditional military salute.
-On the page where Idiocracy is shown, there is print along the entire spread. It's barely readable.. and I will give you five bucks if you can decipher the thing. Again, not sure if anything is in there, but you never know.. why would they put that there if it had no significance?
-Throughout the whole thing there are many side images that are not the focal point.. very blurred.. possibly intentionally.

I dunno. I'm bored, and trying to analyze this thing for myself and this cd review I'm supposed to be writing.

12 February 2007 @ 09:31 pm
So a lot of people have been wondering what connection Scarsick has to TPE.

I happen to remember saying it looked like TPE2 a long while ago, but the community, and I, agreed I was wrong. God I have never hated being right more.

For those doubters who question whether or not this sub-par effort could really be the follow up to a breakthrough album, I'll let you hear it from Daniel himself. Thanks to youtube, we have an interview with him (divided into 2 parts).



So there you have it. I feel like he abandoned a strong set of characters and their identities to make a statement and rip on capitalism. While I don't mind the ripping or questioning ideas, I just wish he would have made TPE2 related to the original, bringing back the motifs and ideas (or even the characters) from that album.
Instead of Scarshit, which is full of laughable lyrics and fairly horrible rapping. Spitball makes Used look like Tupac (though I can't say I'm a big fan or rap in any form).

Alas, I'm quite let down. Anyone else even more disappointed knowing that we cant be optimistic and still look forward to The Perfect Element Part 2? Its already here!

Perhaps the funniest part, is among all his anti-capitalist rants, Daniel proclaims his album to be the 'fucking best album out there' and urges us all to go and buy it. Man, just not a good year for PoS.
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11 February 2007 @ 11:29 pm
So does anyone feel that Scarsick does a good job in continuing the story?
05 February 2007 @ 04:39 pm

I proudly present you the very open interview with Daniel from POS.

To me, as a journalist, it was a very interesting and humoristic conversation.

You get more under the skin from 'Scarsick' and understand more about his meaning and the struggle to get so far...

I am always searching for the correct expression, to express the kind of emotions that you want to express.

Read more on:

Pain of Salvation 8 jan 2007

Critics are more than welcome!
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Anyway, yeah..it's finally out in the states. the 1st of I am coutning basically 12 somewhat visible Progressive Rock releases in 2007: The Year of Kermit the Prog.

Anyway, my take..it's by no means a dissapointment..definitely like every other PoS album, a GROWER..but I wonder more if down the road if it'll stack up to RL and TPE PT 1.

Looking fwd to finally having the bloody thing in my hand, NO THANKS TO BEST BUY in Minnesota. I figured maybe FINALLY this time around they might be there. But it goes to show no matter how much history and how many new fans the band makes, it still doesn't matter.

So I'll be picking it up at Cheapo..if their inventory of 1 COPY still is intact when i get there this afternoon, lol.